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RQS T-shirt City - Giant plants in the backyard, little autoflowering ladies in grow-rooms, fat Indicas in the garden, tall and elegant Sativas in huge professional set-ups - cannabis grows like weed. It will grow anywhere. Cool shirt for the backyard grower. Available in S, M, L and XL.
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Show your love for cannabis and fun by wearing the Royal Queen Seeds T-shirt. Marijuana is a hearty plant that grows like a weed, yet soothes like a boss. It can be found across the world, and for good reason. This herb is useful not only in treating various illnesses, but in creating rope, clothes, and milk alternatives.

This t-shirt is perfect for those who enjoy the cannabis lifestyle. Show everyone you support cannabis by wearing this shirt depicting a giant plant running down the city streets while helicopters buzz overhead. Is this a marijuana lifestyle version of Godzilla or a commentary on how some authorities still view a beneficial herb? Perhaps it's a little of both. Look at how the man in the suit runs from the plant, growing big and strong. The police and the helicopters have no chance against this plant, but that's the point. No matter how hard you try to keep marijuana down, it has the edge. The color pattern only serves to heighten the old movie feel of this t-shirt. The Royal Queen Seeds T-Shirt City shirt is sure to spark discussion among your friends, as well as just exclamations about how cool it is. Be the first among your group to sport the latest in cannabis wear, or use it as a gift for that special someone or favorite buddy.

The Royal Queen Seeds T-shirt is perfect for the marijuana enthusiast, supporter of marijuana rights, backyard grower, or just really cool person. In sizes ranging from small to extra-large, you're sure to find a size to fit you and your friends. Don't just buy one, buy a dozen to give to your favorite customers, or even your mom. Who wouldn't look their best wearing a shirt to support their love of fun, whimsy, and cannabis.

Royal Queen Seeds offers worldwide and discrete shipping at reasonable prices. The more you order, the more you show your support not only for the lifestyle, but for yourself and your community. Free seeds are offered depending upon the amount you spend. Wholesale options are also available depending on your company.

    Af K. A. Den 02/Dec/2015 :

    Titel : Awesome Shirt, never availible. PRINT MORE
    Kommentar : Awesome Shirt, never availible. PRINT MORE

    Af J. V. Den 13/Sep/2013 :

    Titel : The best smoker shirt there is!
    Kommentar : I ordered this T-shirt yesterday and I already receive it today! It looks even more awesome in real then on this picture! Thank you so much !

    Af R. G. Den 17/Jul/2013 :

    Titel : perfetto!
    Kommentar : mi va benissimo e l'immagine è stampata perfettamente :)

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