• Royal Queen Seeds T-shirt Penguin

Royal Queen Seeds T-shirt Penguin

RQS T-shirt Penguin. It will grow anywhere - a daring statement, but Royal Queen Seeds is known for exceptional varieties, so who knows? Maybe a very special Northern Light or Ice ? High quality print of pinguins admiring a frosted bud on a pitch-black background - strange, but cool message, isn't it? Available in S, M, L and XL.
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These penguins are about to get seriously high. Thanks to royal queen seeds and its surprisingly resilient varieties, these flightless birds will be enjoying the northern lights like they never have before. All of their previous stresses, as long as any medical problems, are about to dissipate away, as soon as they get a taste of this bud.

"It Will Grow Anywhere" is the message that this shirt brazenly conveys to world. It is brightly displayed, along with a frosted Cannabis plant and your two new penguin buddies, against an Arctic icy background. We know that you like good quality Marijuana, so we made you a t-shirt to show it to the world. And what better way to tell your friends where you get your very special Marijuana then with a couple of surprised looking penguins. Wearing this shirt, you can make a serious statement for your own Marijuana lifestyle. Support your favorite cannabis industry by purchasing this shirt from their very own unique line of cannabis merchandise, designed to catch eyes and make you look good.

This vivid image is displayed against a black background, so that no one will notice any stains that may have accumulated on your shirt from yesterday's bean burrito. This t-shirt comes in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. Our t-shirts are made to the same high standards as our strands of Cannabis, so you know that they are made to last. Show your pride in the seeds you are growing, with this Royal Queens Seeds t-shirt; it is even complete with the Royal Queen Seeds logo.

Don't be too jealous of these penguins though. Luckily for you, you can purchase some Royal Queen Seeds of your own to go with your new shirt. Just choose from three different varieties: auto-flowering cannabis seeds, medical cannabis seeds, and feminized cannabis seeds, in order to get the product that best suits your particular needs. Your cannabis lifestyle will finally be complete. Plus your new seeds will grow anywhere, well, just about. And you will look great while growing them, in your new Royal Queen t-shirt.

    Af B. H. Den 13/Nov/2014 :

    Titel : A penguin
    Kommentar : I didn't buy the shirt. But I have the poster. All I want to say about this is: A pengiun once wanted to fly so that he could swim in the sky, but whatever he did, he could only skid, so he took something else to get high :)

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