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    Af D. G. Den 01/Jun/2023 :

    Titel : Bzh
    Kommentar : Très bonne variété en box sous lampe 475w environ 65-70g par plantes sec bon rendement pour de l’auto Flo

    Af K. C. Den 29/May/2023 :

    Titel : Great
    Kommentar : I've grown her in wintertime, inside, without heating with lst... And with some new nutes... I've grown this strain multiple times but now this plant was amazing. Glistering thc, rock hard buds, very compact little plant. She gave me 40grams perfect dry material. The smoke is just delicious

    Af E. F. Den 26/May/2023 :

    Titel : Great Service
    Kommentar : Seed did unfortunately not germinate but excellent service bij RQS and got a 10 euro coupon for my next order.

    Af J. G. Den 25/May/2023 :

    Titel : Fire
    Kommentar : Always one of my old school favorites and love they offer this strain

    Af C. F. Den 23/May/2023 :

    Titel : Northern Light Automatic
    Kommentar : I'm really satisfied with Northern Light Automatic! I've grown more than 10 plants and each seed I germinated grew into plants yielding between 35-85gr, depending whether it was fim'd or not. Some say not to fim autoflowers but the biggest yield came from fimming the 6th node. This plant grew to around a meter, 50% bigger than untouched plants. But to prove them wrong for 2nd time, my current cultivation is a whopping 1m75 (indoors, 11L pot, 19hrs light, 600W Full Spec LED on top & 2x 100W shining from the sides. This one was fimmed @ the 5th node & 2 lowest branched cut. Then prepped a food bomb with root stimulator, enzyms, Plagron Grow, fluid universal fertilizer, bat guano & lavameel (sorry, Dutch name) & although only into the 4th week of flowering I'm sure this giant will be biggest to date! Thanks RQS! ;-)

    Af M. S. Den 19/May/2023 :

    Titel : Good
    Kommentar : Seeds germinating, growing well so far.

    Af L. V. Den 18/May/2023 :

    Titel : Great seeds
    Kommentar : Great seeds make a big plant with nice tops.

    Af D. E. Den 15/May/2023 :

    Titel : Fast Growing even after stress
    Kommentar : This was my first attempt growing indoors and to try to keep my plants inside my grow space comfortably I decided to defoliate. This was also my first time with an autoflower and didn't think about how defoliating would effect the short life until after I had already done the damage. However the plant handled it like a true champ. It is now short and compact and into the end 9f the first/beginning of second week of flower I am really happy with how it is doing. Will definitely be getting this as my freebies until they're no longer offered and then will purchase more to always have some. Have been really happy with all the strains I've gotten so far and excited for new ones in the future. Thanks RQS.

    Af W. B. Den 12/May/2023 :

    Titel : Nice
    Kommentar : I love the genetics of this plant.. she is doing great and growing strong

    Af A. V. Den 11/May/2023 :

    Titel : MrGrowNoob
    Kommentar : Its the best out of all

    Af P. S. Den 10/May/2023 :

    Titel : Pablo
    Kommentar : Bomba!

    Af J. W. Den 04/May/2023 :

    Titel : Love this!!
    Kommentar : I’m a new grower, but everything germinated, and the plants are looking phenomenal!!

    Af A. C. Den 03/May/2023 :

    Titel : Want Indica? This is it.
    Kommentar : Very nice night-time / sleep strain. It will relax the hell out of you. I also used UV filter in the last 2 weeks to prevent THC from developing. Instead it would build more CBD, CBA, CBG, ... Very indica dominant. Don't be worried about low trichomes. I almost didn't see any on the flowers or sugar leafs but they are there, you will see once you smoke. Also no to minimal smell when growing, if you are looking to grow with privacy.

    Af K. K. Den 03/May/2023 :

    Titel : Nive
    Kommentar : Gooood

    Af F. B. Den 02/May/2023 :

    Titel : Rendu au top
    Kommentar : Commandé déjà l’année dernière Super produit

    Af S. R. Den 02/May/2023 :

    Titel : 👍 awesome 😎
    Kommentar : Decent yield for the tiny plant it was. Smells strong. Happy with purchase.

    Af T. D. Den 02/May/2023 :

    Titel : Balak
    Kommentar : Franchement ravi de cette variété qui est assez productive et relativement généreuse au niveau des buds

    Af M. M. Den 26/Apr/2023 :

    Titel : Sempre la nr 1
    Kommentar : Ottima l!!! la migliore insieme alla white widow non c’è paragone le batte tutte ottima da fumare e resa pazzesca ! Per me la migliore del sito ! Sempre una garanzia

    Af P. L. Den 19/Apr/2023 :

    Titel : P.L
    Kommentar : Spokojený už velmi dlouhou dobu. Klíčivost, výnos prostě kvalita 💛 Růst velmi rychlý, jak již je napsáno v parametrech za mě plný počet bodů 🙏🏽

    Af M. B. Den 19/Apr/2023 :

    Titel : Sehr Gut für die Winter Zeit
    Kommentar : Es hat sehr gut geschmeckt für meine erst Grow

    Af B. W. Den 17/Apr/2023 :

    Titel : Week 5 pistils
    Kommentar : This has the most low maintenance grow I've experienced by far. Highly recommend for any level of growing experience.

    Af J. K. Den 11/Apr/2023 :

    Titel : Hi
    Kommentar : Klasse Sorte, war sogar schneller fertig als angegeben, super Wirkung

    Af A. P. Den 11/Apr/2023 :

    Titel : 4.57/5 swagsadopecious
    Kommentar : its great. hard to explain if i haven't smoked it, but it looks like it smokes good. it grows well enough to say its probably worth the free seed option it was. good in a pinch and had exponential bounce back.

    Af F. C. Den 11/Apr/2023 :

    Titel : Good for inexperienced growers
    Kommentar : Easy to grow even for inexperienced growers.

    Af A. D. Den 11/Apr/2023 :

    Titel : Ottima resa
    Kommentar : Nonostante la difficoltà del meteo ottima resa

    Af T. M. Den 05/Apr/2023 :

    Titel : Incroyable
    Kommentar : Cette variété est juste exceptionnelle. J'étai sceptique sur les variétés auto flo et finalement ça donne des rendement beaucoup plus important, 1.5X plus qu'avec des fem.

    Af J. C. Den 05/Apr/2023 :

    Titel : magnifique
    Kommentar : Première fois que je fait pousser et le réssultat est à la hauteur de mes attentes. Bon rendements en exterieur, bon odeur, bon gout et très bon hgh bien euphorique. Je recommande

    Af M. G. Den 03/Apr/2023 :

    Titel : 4 out of 5 germd
    Kommentar : Not a hundred percent germinated but that could have been my fault. I will say that the seedlings that popped were noticeably more stout and healthier looking than the seedlings from another company.. the genetics are on point from what I can tell at this point. I don't have a lot of experience but there is such a significant difference in the seedlings from RQS. I'm excited about what the next stage of growth will look like.

    Af J. D. Den 28/Mar/2023 :

    Titel : Northern Light auto
    Kommentar : Grows very quickly into a healthy looking plant

    Af A. D. Den 27/Apr/2023 :

    Titel : Norther light auto
    Kommentar : Pianta stupenda,ha raggiunto 1.85 cm indoor assurdo , royal Queen seed tooooooop

    Af A. C. Den 03/Mar/2023 :

    Titel : Al.x
    Kommentar : pour le moment une graine sur trois a germé, on va attendre pour voir ce que ça va donner.

    Af M. S. Den 03/Mar/2023 :

    Titel : Nimic
    Kommentar : Hi, hab das erste mal Indoor und mit Automatica angebaut und bin sehr überrascht wie gut sie gewachsen sind. Der Ertrag wird wohl für den 1. Versuch ausreichend und ich denke mit etwas erfahrung könnten die Erträge ordentlich gesteigert werden. Ein sehr angenehmer Geruch und sehr robust. Allerdings war eine von 3 Testpflanzen männlich.

    Af M. L. Den 27/Feb/2023 :

    Titel : S. A.
    Kommentar : Just a great Plant! Would buy it again.

    Af A. P. Den 20/Feb/2023 :

    Titel : Great genetic
    Kommentar : I think to buy again, the last was successful, without any problems. Harvest around 60 per plants.

    Af F. F. Den 20/Feb/2023 :

    Titel : Really ok
    Kommentar : I didn't know her .. goodly beautiful ... and tasty.

    Af M. D. Den 20/Feb/2023 :

    Titel : Best auto ever
    Kommentar : Yield huge also easy to grow and braindead proof :D Im recommending everybody ( especially for new growers )

    Af N. L. Den 15/Feb/2023 :

    Titel : bello
    Kommentar : bello

    Af J. O. Den 13/Feb/2023 :

    Titel : Northern Light Automatic
    Kommentar : that is perfect

    Af E. S. Den 13/Feb/2023 :

    Titel : NL Auto
    Kommentar : Très contente de ces graines ! Mes auto flo préférées, autant pour l'effet que pour la production

    Af N. C. Den 30/Jan/2023 :

    Titel : Superbe old school strain
    Kommentar : Easy and fast-to-grow strain, strong plant and lots of tastefull bud. Would definitely recommend for beginners.

    Af H. K. Den 26/Jan/2023 :

    Titel : First Time Grower
    Kommentar : Beautiful plant. Beautiful effects.

    Af T. B. Den 23/Jan/2023 :

    Titel : Sturdy purple plant
    Kommentar : Never get bored by low temperatures with northern light, this variety surprises me every time the temps go down, they start to turn from green to a beautiful deep purple, almost black sometimes but still growing. The best if you are a beginner or if you don't like giving too much attention to your plants.

    Af J. D. Den 16/Jan/2023 :

    Titel : Perfect!
    Kommentar : The best one in Auto.

    Af O. S. Den 11/Jan/2023 :

    Titel : Northern Lights Auto
    Kommentar : By far my most fauvorite auto strain to grow indoors in terms of speed from seed to bloom, size and yield and the high content of thc that comes with the package! 4,5/5! :)

    Af V. H. Den 09/Jan/2023 :

    Titel : Just great!
    Kommentar : Great germination 4/4, lovely buds great smell und awesome taste. Amazing and clear high Can recommend to anybody…wow

    Af J. R. Den 09/Jan/2023 :

    Titel : Skunk Werks
    Kommentar : Very forgiving and easy to grow.

    Af J. H. Den 09/Jan/2023 :

    Titel : Scandinavia
    Kommentar : Works best i Finland. Put out furst week in may, when its 2 weeks

    Af S. O. Den 04/Jan/2023 :

    Titel : Good
    Kommentar : This was nice definitely ordering more

    Af C. A. Den 02/Jan/2023 :

    Titel : Fantastico
    Kommentar : crem della creme !!

    Af S. N. Den 30/Dec/2022 :

    Titel : easy
    Kommentar : this is my first plant, very easy to grow and also fast :)

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