Online Exclusive: Free Cannabis Seeds And Merchandise


€ 25,- 1 Free Seed
€ 50,- 3 Free Seeds
€ 75,- 5 Free Seeds
€ 110,- 8 Free Seeds
€ 135,- 10 Free Seeds
€ 200,- 15 Free Seeds
€ 260,- 20 Free Seeds
€ 325,- 25 Free Seeds
€ 390,- 30 Free Seeds
€ 455,- 35 Free Seeds
€ 520,- 40 Free Seeds
€ 585,- 45 Free Seeds
€ 650,- 50 Free Seeds
€ 715,- 55 Free Seeds
€ 780,- 60 Free Seeds
You will receive a random pack from the Royal Queen Seeds collection


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€ 50,- Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 NA NA
€ 75,- Tick white_3 Tick white_3 Tick white_3 Tick white_3 NA
€ 110,- Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2
€ 135,- Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2
€ 200,- Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2
€ 260,- Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2
€ 325,- Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2
€ 390,- Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2
€ 455,- Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2
€ 520,- Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2
€ 585,- Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2
€ 650,- Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2
€ 715,- Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2
€ 780,- Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2 Tick_2
Grinder Stickers SmokingPaper Lighter Posters

Free Seeds

RQS offers a randomly selected cannabis seed for free with *qualifying purchases made in our webshop. Simply place a minimum order of €25 to receive one free seed. For each spend threshold achieved (above €25), the number of seeds increases up to 60 free seeds! For more details, please see the tables below. All seeds are selected at random from the Royal Queen Seeds catalogue.

Free Cannabis Merchandise

Running alongside our Free Seeds promotion, we have a range of merchandise that can be earned for free with *qualifying purchases in our webshop. Minimum orders of €25 will receive a free grinder and a selection of stickers. For each spend threshold achieved (above €25), smoking papers, lighters, and posters are added. For more details, please see the tables above.

  • Qualifying purchases exclude bulk seeds.
  • The Royal Queen Seeds Free Seeds and Free Cannabis Merchandise promotion is not available in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.
  • Shipping and stealth shipping costs do not count toward the qualifying threshold.

If you have any questions about either the Free Seeds or Free Cannabis Merchandise promotion, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our customer service team.

Our Freebies

The Seeds

Free feminized cannabis seeds with your order

Of all these free cannabis items, it's the seeds that have probably caught your attention. The Free Seeds are selected at random. No need to worry, though. These seeds come from some of our choice varieties including Amnesia Haze, Critical, Royal Moby, White Widow, or another award-winning strains. The fun will be in trying to discover which is which. Regardless, it'll be a pleasant surprise.


Free RQS Grinder with every cannabis seed order

The perfect way to grind up your fresh grown Royal Buds. It does not matter if your wish to smoke your royal cannabis buds or use them to bake a cake. For both ways its very useful to have a cannabis grinder to make sure the cannabis is nice spread over the joint or cake. No longer sticky fingers by tearing up a bud with your hands. All the sticky icky will now get in to your joint.


Free Cannabis Stickers

Another of the terrific collectibles included in most of these packages are our stickers. The stickers include the Royal Queen Seeds logo along with a cool illustration of one of the marijuana varieties we sell. This little bit of artwork will look great on any hard surface.

Papers And Filters

Free smoking papers and rolling papers

The rolling papers and filter tips we offer make for a fantastic trip. They're designed to ensure an even, unhurried burn. This gives you time to enjoy and absorb your weed. They measure 4.5 by 10.8 centimetres and won't interfere with the taste of your favourite strain. The filters let you get every last drop of mellow gold in the joint without getting burned.


Free RQS Lighter

The Clipper lighter has long been associated with the 420 lifestyle. There are good reasons for this. The lighter features an elongated shape that makes it safe to handle. The removable flint holder doubles as a handy little tamper. And since it's refillable and can take replacement flints, it'll serve you for years to come. The Royal Queen Seeds lighter comes in sleek black with the company logo, office number, website address, and email address. Among smoker lighters, it's one of the best.


Free Cannabis Posters

Finally, there's the amazing artwork of the cannabis posters. There's five different posters featuring four popular strains in some outlandish scenes. You can enjoy the images of either Northern Light, Fruit Spirit, Amnesia Haze, or Shining Silver Haze adding a touch of class to the room of your choice.


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