The Mother Of Modern CBD Strains: Juanita La Lagrimosa

Juanita la Lagrimosa



The demand for CBD is higher than ever. Breeders have developed 1:1 strains that offer equal parts CBD and THC. These varieties boast CBD’s non-psychotropic effects alongside a subtle high. Other breeders have pushed the boundaries and given rise to 1:20 THC:CBD strains that offer therapeutic effects with no mind-altering side effects.

CBD cultivars have taken the market by storm. But where did it all start? Was it the result of intense selective breeding? Or maybe the discovery of an ultra high-CBD variety?

According to cannabis legend, the creation of Juanita la Lagrimosa was the catalyst.

Juanita la Lagrimosa’s lineage starts with New York City Diesel. Legend has it that a breeder named Jimi selected the strain from a pack of seeds purchased at Spannabis 2004. He selected three males from the group and crossed them with the sativa-dominant cultivar Reina Madre. This pairing gave rise to Juanita la Lagrimosa.

To begin with, the CBD level of Juanita la Lagrimosa remained elusive. She was a popular variety, and breeders used her to create novel strains such as Dancehall. It wasn’t until some of the offspring started winning High Times Cannabis Cup awards that Jimi decided to run tests. Laboratory analysis unveiled a cannabinoid profile of 22% CBD and around 0.7% THC. Such a staggering level of the cannabinoid was an exciting discovery. Her breeders went on to develop a stable feminized version in 2010.

Juanita la Lagrimosa has since been used to create some of the most popular high-CBD cultivars. Check out the strains below to capitalise on the best features of Juanita alongside other top-performing strains.


Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy bud


Fast Eddy consists of 50% sativa genetics, 40% indica genetics, and 10% ruderalis genetics. RQS breeders created this variety using Juanita la Lagrimosa, Cheese, and Cannabis ruderalis. She’s a great example of the continuation of Juanita la Lagrimosa, and possesses some of her best traits. As an autoflowering variety, Fast Eddy makes CBD extremely accessible to beginner growers.


Fast Eddy produces high levels of CBD, alongside a THC quantity of 9%. Her cannabinoid profile attracts medicinal users looking to avoid an intense psychoactive effect. The strain also makes an excellent choice for recreational users who prefer less potent cannabis; the high allows for full functionality while still generating a pleasant psychoactive buzz.


Indoors, Fast Eddy grows to a height of 60–100cm and produces a yield of 400–450g/m². The small stature of this strain means it’s easy to keep on the down-low. Outdoor plants achieve a slightly taller height of up to 120cm, and yield in the range of 80–130g/plant. With a flowering period of 6–7 weeks, she’ll be ready to harvest around 8–9 weeks after germination. Fast Eddy has a preference for mild climates.


Stress Killer
Stress Killer bud


Stress Killer consists of 60% sativa genetics, 30% indica genetics, and 10% ruderalis genetics. The strain descends from parents Juanita la Lagrimosa, Lemon Shining Silver Haze, and Cannabis ruderalis.


Stress Killer was intentionally bred to offer a clear and functional effect. She offers a THC content of 11% and high levels of CBD. Moderate levels of THC add a creative element to the high, but nothing too overwhelming. Each toke brings stress down a peg. Her relaxing terpene profile helps to reduce tension and lowers internal stress hormones.


Indoor plants reach a height of between 90–140cm and pump out an impressive yield of between 450–500g/m². Outdoor plants grow up to 160cm in height and put out a yield of 110–160g/plant. The flowering period of Stress Killer lasts around 7 weeks, and the strain is ready to harvest within 11 weeks post-germination. Stress Killer is easy to grow and prefers a mild climate.


Dance World
Dance World bud


Dance World is a sativa-dominant strain that consists of 75% sativa genetics and 25% indica genetics. She’s the lovechild of parents Dancehall 20 and Juanita la Lagrimosa.


Smoking the flowers of Dance World induces a motivating and inspiring high that is very much on the sativa side of the spectrum. A THC level of 12% sparks creative thoughts and kindles the appetite. From a therapeutic perspective, the high CBD content is perfect for dosing throughout the day without becoming exhausted by a sedative high. Her flowers provide a terpene profile defined by notes of pine, spice, and fruit.


Indoor plants reach a height of 100cm and yield up to 525g/m². Her small size and large yield make her compatible with small, hidden spaces. Outdoor plants grow up to 120cm and achieve a yield of up to 450g/plant. The strain has a flowering period of 8 weeks and will be ready to harvest during early October.


Royal Highness
Royal Highness bud


Royal Highness is a sativa-dominant strain that features 60% sativa genetics and 40% indica genetics. RQS breeders facilitated this creation using parents Respect 13 and Dancehall 24.


Royal Highness features a THC content of 14% and a high level of CBD. The strain offers a clear, cerebral effect—excellent for working on creative projects and delving into philosophical discussions with friends.

Her THC content appeals to medicinal users seeking THC and CBD for symptomatic relief. Royal Highness provides a lucid effect, without the euphoria and overwhelm associated with higher THC strains. When enjoying this strain, sensations of sweetness, fruit, and Skunk overrun the olfactory system.


Indoors, Royal Highness will peak at 100cm and put out a yield of up to 600g/m². Alternatively, outdoor plants will reach a slightly taller height of 110cm and produce around 475g/plant. The flowering time of Royal Highness is 9 weeks, and outdoor plants will be ready to harvest in early October. The strain takes well to a warm climate.


Royal Medic
Royal Medic bud


Royal Medic is a sativa-dominant strain that consists of 75% sativa genetics and only 25% indica genetics. Royal Queen Seeds developed this cultivar by crossing Juanita la Lagrimosa with the high-yielding Critical.


The high CBD content of this strain counterbalances a low THC content of 10%. The two cannabinoids synergise to produce an effect that soothes both body and mind. After smoking a bowl or hitting a vape, it doesn't take long for pain to dissolve and muscular tension to melt away. Smokers will experience her moreish tastes of spice and sweetness with each toke.


Plants cultivated indoors reach up to 120cm in height and yield up to 475g/m². Outdoor plants grown within garden beds or pots reach up to 150cm in height and offer an impressive harvest of up to 525g/plant. The flowering time of Royal Medic is 9 weeks, and the harvest period for outdoor plants is early October.


Painkiller XL
Painkiller XL bud


Painkiller XL is a sativa-dominant strain comprised of 75% sativa genetics and 25% indica. She's the outcome of a breeding project designed to emphasise medicinal traits, especially in regards to chronic pain. After a period of experimentation with parent strains Royal Highness and Juanita la Lagrimosa, RQS breeders achieved their goal.


Painkiller XL is an excellent medicinal strain that is very high in CBD and features only 9% THC. Her cannabinoid profile allows users to experience the beneficial properties of CBD without becoming too stoned in the process. The slight high associated with this strain is physical and clear-headed.


Painkiller XL likes a mild climate. Indoor plants will put out 550g/m² and grow up to 100cm in height. Outdoor plants will peak at 150cm and yield up to 550g/plant. The flowering time of Painkiller XL is only 8 weeks, and harvest time for outdoor plants occurs in late September.


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