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3 Gratis Cannabisfrö

These seeds are high quality randomly chosen seeds. This is great for dabbling around with strains you may be unfamiliar with and will give you the opportunity to learn about these strains without having to pay extra for them!
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When you spend 50 € or more on your RQS seed order, we'll throw in 3 top-quality cannabis seeds for free! These 3 free seeds will be picked randomly, and come in their original packaging. Not only are these seeds our way of saying "thank you", they're also sold separately in our shop—so you can rest assured they're the same high-quality seeds we're known for!

    Af M. S. Den 25/Feb/2022 :

    Titel : free goooooooooooooooooooooood seeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kommentar : muito boas obrigado a royal quen

    Af S. P. Den 01/Jun/2020 :

    Titel : Vraiment cool!
    Kommentar : Merci beaucoup!

    Af T. H. Den 04/Jan/2016 :

    Titel : 3 gratis
    Kommentar : Habe 3 easy bud gratis bekommen. 3 Wochen jetzt alt und alle top gekeimt in unter 24 Stunden. Und akke schon über 30 cm groß seid 1ner Woche Am blühen. Perfekt Wie immer

    Af I. D. Den 04/Jan/2016 :

    Titel : 3 x White Widow
    Kommentar : Germination en 24/48h, plante courte et robuste, floraison en cours, bon rendement à venir. Merci pour le cadeau

    Af F. S. Den 22/Dec/2015 :

    Titel : ca fait plaisir !
    Kommentar : j'ai recu 3 graines de flower power feminisée, hate de les mettre en terre !

    Af L. W. Den 21/Dec/2015 :

    Titel : super to compare
    Kommentar : free seeds are always a nice thing. in my case i grow the plants just for tea. thats why i bought the cbd mix. i got 3 white widow. every single seeds sprouted in 1/2 day just in earth in a greenhouse. the withe widow is nice to compare in groth and effekt of an none thc tea of green leaves. i found the tea i grown before from different strains nice to drink. sweet some are more fruity some more woody mostly how a bud would taste like. in my case i make ice tea, 600g leaves an stem material for 10l cold water. let them soke 30minuts - 1h, than heat it up just before boil turn down the plate to lowest step for 10-30minutes. put some sugar and taste in. i use lemon juice, peach, berrys, "hagebutten" (dont know if there is an englisch word), or some other tea to push the flavor. fruit sugar is nicer than regular white sugar also pushes the effekt of tea. its not more but faster stronger for a shorter time. compared to cbd oil that i found realy nice to i can compare the tea of hashberry (my new hopes are growing in seedlingstage) like 2l / 3 drops in case of pain relivment & muscle relaxing so i trink this all day long for 6 month now. i lost 20kg, i realy like the different tastes none of them is bitter/nutty/like a good oil (walnut, pumpkin with s bit bitter an hash taste and like green leave if you eat them) the tea makes it taste just a little differnt then regular ice tea i taste like a premium ice tea... i just dry all big fan leaves i take of to bring some light to lower parts i just trough them on a pice of carton beside on a darker area (cfl grow a full room) only healthy green big ones. they are nice for salad to, as they are sweet/nutty not realy bitter... so at least to say sorry for my bad english i am from austria, laws here are very strikt in case of flower. but if you don't sell i wouldnt eaven matter in smaller case. but i dont like risk of police etc. so i document the grow regulary if some officer thinks he has to take a look i can always show i put 18-24h light. just taking pics of all so i can show them what i do. here the law says only the thc makes it illegal. so i can grow as many as i like :D

    Af M. W. Den 02/Dec/2015 :

    Titel : 3 Royal Blue Matic
    Kommentar : Nice Present :)

    Af M. W. Den 16/Nov/2015 :

    Titel : Critical
    Kommentar : Sooooo looking forward to trying this Big thanks to the RQS team

    Af B. R. Den 06/Nov/2015 :

    Titel : Vielen Dank
    Kommentar : Die kostenlosen Samen sind angegangen. Mal sehen was draus wird. Danke vielmals echt lieb.

    Af M. O. Den 06/Nov/2015 :

    Titel : Nice!
    Kommentar : Thanks! :)

    Af J. J. Den 23/Sep/2015 :

    Titel : Perfect
    Kommentar : Tanks RQS this web site is perfect !

    Af A. J. Den 15/Sep/2015 :

    Titel : Thnk You,
    Kommentar : RQS-Team ;)

    Af S. S. Den 28/Aug/2015 :

    Titel : Flower power
    Kommentar : Bin gespannt. Samen wachsen. :) Danke

    Af A. K. Den 30/Jul/2015 :

    Titel : 3 fruit spirit
    Kommentar : super present thank you !!!

    Af P. U. Den 30/Jul/2015 :

    Titel : 3 fruit spirits
    Kommentar : the best strain of all ! all hail the fruit spirit!!!!

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