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  • While it is still an understudied subject, it appears that the conventional wisdom about sex and weed is about to change. Far from deterring users from having sex, weed appears to increase desire, ...

  • 2017 continued to see reform blossom everywhere. And we here at Royal Queen Seeds continue to expand our range with new strains and cool products. Check out what we added to the menu this year - an ...

  • Countries all over Europe and the world are rethinking their relationship with cannabis. When it comes to legalization, the moral argument for allowing patients access to medical cannabis is unavoi ...

  • Are you fluent in both English and Dutch? Want to work with one of the most awesome seed banks around and take a role within the cannabis community? We want to hear from you!

  • RQS wants you to get into the cannabis dimension. That's right, 2 lucky winners will get a free ride to Spannabis 2017 - along with a ticket for a friend!

  • Four years ago, Colorado and Washington State initiated what in hindsight may be seen as one of the most impactful global revolutions ever with the full legalization of marijuana. Where to from here?
  • Marijuana legalization is having profound beneficial effects in the cities in which it is available. We take a closer look at the areas of society that benefit the most.

  • The cannabis industry passes a significant milestone, as the first major corporation gets involved in the industry. Microsoft is looking to help regulate the market with tech.
  • Colombia will soon begin the cultivation of its first legal crop of medical cannabis. The bill to legalise it passed Congress with flying colours, promising improved healthcare and increased taxes.
  • With the increasing destruction of our planet it has never been more important that we look for a sustainable alternative to oil as a fuel. One choice is a biofuel made out of hemp, so let's use it!
  • Things are slowly but surely changing, and Paraguay has become the latest to take a step forward. Thanks to the plight of one young boy, CBD is now available through prescription!

  • What cannabis events are coming up this year? We take a look and learn about the best European cannabis events and trade shows to see in 2016!

  • Hemp seeds have great nutritional value and are full of plant-based proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins. Try these 3 recipes and create homemade hemp seed delicacies.

  • We are expanding and are now looking for new translators to join us. The languages we are looking for are Portuguese, Finnish and Hungarian.
  • Today we have a quick and easy recipe to infuse some olive oil with the power of cannabis – making for a versatile and worthwhile cooking ingredient.

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