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  • Countries all over Europe and the world are rethinking their relationship with cannabis. When it comes to legalization, the moral argument for allowing patients access to medical cannabis is unavoi ...

  • Marijuana legalization is having profound beneficial effects in the cities in which it is available. We take a closer look at the areas of society that benefit the most.

  • The cannabis industry passes a significant milestone, as the first major corporation gets involved in the industry. Microsoft is looking to help regulate the market with tech.
  • Colombia will soon begin the cultivation of its first legal crop of medical cannabis. The bill to legalise it passed Congress with flying colours, promising improved healthcare and increased taxes.
  • With the increasing destruction of our planet it has never been more important that we look for a sustainable alternative to oil as a fuel. One choice is a biofuel made out of hemp, so let's use it!
  • Things are slowly but surely changing, and Paraguay has become the latest to take a step forward. Thanks to the plight of one young boy, CBD is now available through prescription!

  • What cannabis events are coming up this year? We take a look and learn about the best European cannabis events and trade shows to see in 2016!

  • Hemp seeds have great nutritional value and are full of plant-based proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins. Try these 3 recipes and create homemade hemp seed delicacies.

  • We are expanding and are now looking for new translators to join us. The languages we are looking for are Portuguese, Finnish and Hungarian.
  • Today we have a quick and easy recipe to infuse some olive oil with the power of cannabis – making for a versatile and worthwhile cooking ingredient.

  • Ever looked in the eye of a police officer who suspects you of having something to do with weed? Being focused, friendly, and educated can help you to avoid legal trouble.
  • Justin Trudeau, his liberal party, and many Canadian cannabis experts are of the opinion that Canada’s current system of marijuana prohibition is not effective.

  • Annual reviews are usually boring and quiet disillusioning. Not this one! The year 2015 was full of meaningful news for interested cannabis connoisseurs and potheads.
  • In the Republic of Macedonia, cannabis has been used and cultivated since the days of ancient Greece.
  • Cannabis is a rich species of plant that offers a wealth of possibilities when you look across the globe.


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