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  • Even though it's considered one of the least harmful drugs, many still malign marijuana as a "gateway drug", meaning it theoretically leads to harder drug use over time. There are arguments for and ...

  • To celebrate the launch of their new V 2.0 website on April 14th, Zamnesia are having massive discounts in all their shops.

  • Imagine having a college degree that's all about weed... Now imagine studying it in a state where it's not legal... We have the low-down on the reality behind Northern Michigan University's new deg ...

  • We have put together a quick and easy recipe for making cannabis-infused chocolate cookies at home. Not only are they tasty, they are also vegan-friendly, so everyone can enjoy!

  • What better way to chill out in the summer sun than with a cannabis-infused burger? For those looking to tantalise their taste buds, we have put together an easy to follow recipe.
  • Royal Queen Seeds will be setting up at this year’s Product Earth to showcase some of the finest cannabis genetics on offer. Stop by and meet us in person, we would love to have a chat!
  • Cannabis clubs are popping up all over Spain, so we thought we would take a closer look at them and exactly how they operate.
  • There is an assumption that cannabis locks you down and makes you lethargic. It doesn't have to, and can be a great aid to getting things done. Here are some tips for staying motivated while high.
  • Cannabis pizza is an easy and delicious way of to dose yourself with cannabinoids. Here is how to make one for yourself.

  • What cannabis events are coming up this year? We take a look and learn about the best European cannabis events and trade shows to see in 2016!

  • What can be better than sipping a frosty Margarita on a hot summer day? Well, easy answer: A pot-infused Marijuana Margarita! Check out this easy recipe!
  • This blog gives you 10 songs for your next smoking session. Enjoy a musical journey and discover Part2 of our selection: Hip Hop and Electronic Music to get high to!

  • This blog gives you 10 songs for your next smoking session. Enjoy a musical journey through different genres starting in the 60’s: Part 1 is all about Psychedelic Rock and Cannabis Classics!
  • The comedian Margaret Cho and Amazon Studios are developing a comedy series with high potential. Read along if you are curious what to expect.
  • Highlife Cup


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